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Photo Gallery

Displayed below are pictorial representations of the various products that Star Harbor Trading caters to such as solar powered products, LED products, construction materials, home furnishing, kitchen cookware, home appliances, electronics, apparel and so forth. These products are currently being exported to several countries in Africa and South East Asia and other parts of the world.

Solar Powered Products
BrightBeam Powerbar+
BrightBeam Powerbars
BrightBeam Power Panel
Solar Street Lamp
Solar Street Lamp Night Time
Solar Powered LED Lantern Charging Iphone
Solar Powered Fan
Solar Power Bank Charger
Designer Solar Street Light
Solar LED Lantern with Device Charging
Solar Fridge
Solar Panel Repair
Solar Panel Installation
man and pannels
pannels in grass
field of pannels
Solar Powered Products
LED and Ligthting Products
Smart LED Bulb with App Control
Emergency LED Bulb Multiple sizes
Emergency LED Bulb
Modern Lamp
Standing Light
Vintage Standing Light
ultra narrow ceiling light
Decorative Lighting
Ceiling Light Curvy
Light Emitting Diodes
Office with Hanging Lights
Filament Bulb
Decorative Lighting
Lighting Design Consultation
Stage Lighting Setup
Construsctions Materials and Tools
Steel Rods
Fire Bricks
Wood Planks
Refectory Cement
Constuction Site at Night
Construction Management
Log House Construction
tractor on construction site
Pipe Replacement
Cinder Blocks
Window Installation
Wood Logs
Pile of Logs
Cut Wood
Wooden Planks
Plywood Selection
Ceramic Tiles
Wooden Floor
Stone Floor
Stone Wall
Circular Stone Floor
Wooden Stairs
Stone Builder
Marble Selection
Marble Floor
LED and Lighting Products
Constructions Material and Tools
Consumables - Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics
Welding Electrode
Steel Mesh
Solid Stainless Steel Rivets
Metal Slitting Saws
Electrical Consumables
Electrical Cables and Wires
Electrical Cable and Wires 2
Drum Closures
Cutmaster with cardboard or duck covers
Cotton Airflow Wheel
Aluminium Pop Rivets
Circle Ceiling Lights
Buffing Compound
Consumables - Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics
Furnitures and Home Furnishings
White and Yellow Living Room
Fresh Living Room
Modern Living Room
Modern Living Room
Modern Living Room
Carpet in Living Room
Living Room
Bright Livingroom
interior design living room sofa_MMG
Designer Living Room
Living Room
living room furniture
Modern Lounge
Interior Design
Furnished Living Room
Modern Living Room Interior
Home Deck
patio furniture modern deck
Office Furniture
modern balcony furniture
outdoor furniture chairs
Modern Armchair
White Pillow
Blue Chair
Loft Appartment
Loft Livingroom
Furnitures and Home Furnishings
Kitchen and Cookware Items
Pot on Gas Burner
Stainless Steet Cookware Set
Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Set
Square Fryer
Pot Lid & Cooking Spoon Stand Holder
Other Cookware Items
Kitchen Tools
Handles Lids and Knobs
Fryer with divider
Fruit Slicer
Cookware Set
Cookware Set Bronze
Cooking Utensils and Holders Set
6L alluminium Pressure Cooker
Baking Tools
Kitchen and Cookware Items
Home Appliances
Washing Machine
Flat Screen TV
Home Appliances
Dish Washer
Double Door Fridge
Washer & Dryer
Modern Kitchen
Home Appliances
USB Stick
Sony Camera
Mouse with number pad
Projector with screen
Lumix SLR Lense
Mac Laptop
External Hard Drive
Computer Screen
DSLR Camera
Digital Camera Nikon SLR
Fashion Products
Fashion Rail
Clothes on Rack
Clothing Store
Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline
Suit Jackets
Interior of Children's Clothing Store
Clothes Display
Pink and orange bikini
Green and white zebra socks
Red white and blue plaid shirt
Light blue button-up shirt
Tortoise sunglasses
Tattooed woman holding purse
Woman holding clutch purse
Woman holding purse black and white
Yellow sunglasses on table
Belong Print T-Shirt
Grey Typography Print T-Shirt
Black Denim
Rain Print T-Shirt
Security Guard
Brown Paw Print Onesie
Speckled Onesie
Black Star Onesie
Luxury Silver Watch
Man with Watch Tying His Shoes
Cufflinks Tie and Watch
Gold Valentino Watch 2
Smart Leather Watch
Men's Watch
Antique Pocket Watch
Gold Valentino Watch
Brown Watch
Black Sleek Watch
mans outfit and shoes
shoes and camera
Blue Teddy in a Basket
Little Green Shoes
Black Stiletto Heels
Beige Glitter Stilettos
Grey Studded Boots
Gold Chunky Heel
Silver Glitter Stilettos
Open Toe Stilettos
Stiletto Heels
The Outfit
Brown Cutout Shoe
Four Leather Bags
Fashion Accessories
purple bag and sunglasses
Snakeskin Handbag
Cap, Bag and Glasses
Fashion Products

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